Monday, September 24, 2007

The Hollow Men

One Man
One Mission
Many Advisors

The Hollow Men
Adapted by Dean Parker, From a Book by Nicky Hager
Directed by Jonathon Hendry

Politics up-close ….

Tomorrow night sees the world premiere of this highly-anticipated new New Zealand work, Dean Parker’s The Hollow Men.

The Hollow Men examines the months of Don Brash’s leadership of the National Party leading up to the 2005 election and is a riveting piece of new documentary theatre, a genre which is currently proving to be a phenomenon overseas.

Director Jonathon Hendry says “Shakespeare had great popular hits examining political events on stage with plays such as Julius Ceaser and Richard the Third. At times of change and uncertainty it seems we desire to see and reflect on stories about real events. Internationally over recent years a new form of documentary theatre is selling out from Broadway and Britain’s National Theatre to smaller fringe venues everywhere. Renowned British playwright David Hare (whose play “Stuff Happens” dramatised events leading up to the invasion of Iraq in 2003) says that “theatre using real people has become a fabulously rich and varied strand which , for many years, has been pumping red cells into the dramatic bloodstream.” We’re excited to be sharing this genre with New Zealanders in Dean’s highly entertaining adaptation.”

Featuring iconic New Zealand actor Stephen Papps as Don Brash (Best actor NZ film awards for “The End of The Golden Weather”, Spike Milligan in “Ying Tong” Court Theatre) Michael Keir Morrissey, Lyndee-Jane Rutherford, Will Harris, Sam Snedden and Arthur Meek . This talented cast play a variety of political movers and shakers, many of whom still walk the corridors of parliament and have influence behind the scenes today.

Dean Parker writes “… to have it in front of you in black-and-white, as Nicky Hager presented it to us last year, detail by detail, 50 pages of footnotes—it takes your breath away. “Politics,” wrote Albert Camus, “is man’s direct address to other men.” If this is to be true, we must look to ourselves and not to parliamentary processes. Nicky Hager did a superb job with The Hollow Men. … It’s an honour to do the adaptation—a gleeful honour.”

Designed by Brian King, Jen Lal, Judith Crozier and Andrew McMillan, The Hollow Men plays at BATS theatre, Wellington September 26 to October 11 and Centrepoint Theatre, Palmerston North October 13 to October 27th.

Strictly limited seasons, people are advised to book early to avoid disappointment.
For bookings please contact BATS on 04 802 4175 or or

Centrepoint on 06 354 5740 or